Dropship for Beginners


The following article will explain in detail how the dropship model works as well as simple steps on how to use our vendor list.

  1. Once you purchase one of our lists you will have access to vendors/manufacturers who makes the apparel or bags. It's up to you to sign up with your vendor of choice on their website. You can choose to sign up with as many or as few as you want.
  2. Once signed up you will be able to upload your images to their websites and create mockups of the items you wish to sell. These items will of course be at their wholesale price. You will need to factor in your cost as well as shipping when deciding on your price point. You take that mockup image, add it to your website/social media platform, market and sell the items at your cost.
  3. When a customer purchases your item from you, the customer pays you for the item at the cost you entered. You will then go back to that vendors website, purchase that item at their wholesale price, enter your customers address and they ship the bag to your customer on your behalf using a blind ship. Blind ship means that there will be no packing slip included or information of your vendors contact information in the packaging. Some vendors will allow you to add your logo and labeling to the packaging and this will be also outlined in the vendors list if its available by that vendor.

For example the vendor item you choose to sell may cost $20 and $5 to ship. That's roughly $25 owed to the vendor. You sell the item for $50, pay $25 to the vendor and keep the $25 profit. Its as simple as that!

Now, if you are a little advanced and currently sell through Shopify, Etsy, or Woocommerce, you may be able to integrate that vendors website with your existing website.