How to Press Transfers

Sublimation Transfers Press Recommendations: 

  1. Heat Press at 395-400 degrees
  2. Press 35-40 seconds
  3. Medium pressure, may vary depending on heat press.

Printed Vinyl HTV Transfers Press Recommendations:

  1. Always use a Credit Card or Scraper to scrape image and press firmly all over on flat service to ensure its hold to the carrier sheet
  2. Before pressing remove white backing from the transfer making sure the artwork stays on the carrier sheet
  3. Make sure item is free of lint & Preheat to remove moisture
  4. Position Transfer on TShirt with artwork facing upward
  5. Press at 300o at about 10-15 seconds. Medium Pressure
  6. Peel Hot

DTF Transfers Press Recommendations:

  1. Make sure item is free of lint & Prepress garment
  2. If transfer has moisture, before pressing place under a hot heat press for 90 seconds artwork facing down to remove moisture.
  3. Position Transfer on tshirt with artwork facing upward
  4. Press at 290o at about 9 seconds. Medium Pressure.
  5. Peel COLD
  6. Press again covered with Teflon sheet for 7-10 seconds to remove moisture and lock in final cure of artwork to garment.
  7. Note: Transfers will sometimes absorb moisture during shipment and with storage. Transfers will sometimes have gritty powder. No cause of alert as this is normal. Just wipe glossy side with a paper towel to remove moisture and powder and store in a cool place.