KDP Monster Collection

Skyrocket your KDP Income With 36 Ready-to-Sell Low Content Books!

KDP Monster

My BIGGEST collection of low content books at my lowest price!

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Let's face it; creating low content interiors and books for Amazon takes time.


Even if you simplify your layouts, you still have to research markets in order to understand what prompts and segments customers want to see on the pages.


But today, you can eliminate the workload by gaining access to this MONSTER collection of Amazon KDP premium interiors!

Now you'll be able to dominate some of the hottest niche markets, including passion-to-profit niches where people will keep purchasing new copies from you.


Inject your Amazon KDP account with fresh, in-demand low content books within minutes...


This MONSTER collection comes in 3 different book length options for every interior, giving you the choice as to sell a 100-page, 125-page or 150-page book on Amazon.

You'll also receive source files in PowerPoint as well as PDF versions.

In addition, you get commercial-use rights to this package.


This special license allows you to sell these books under your own name and at your own pricing! It's like you created all of these designs yourself - no one will know otherwise. ;)

In addition, all of these packages are only available here and only in this package, meaning they aren't sold separately on my shop and they have never been released before.

The interiors featured inside of our KDP Monster Volume 1 are all geared towards popular niche markets as well as our PASSION+PROFITS system of uncovering evergreen markets that will make the most money.

This means that these low content books are designed to sell like wildfire during Q4 but more importantly, ALL YEAR ROUND.

We follow the 80/20 rule when choosing niches.

Why?  Because this is how you make money!



You should always target niches that people are most passionate about where they take a personal interest based on long-term skills, sports, personal interest topics and hobbies.


And with your purchase of the KDP Monster Collection, we'll give you a ton of interiors based on these profitable niches, including:


  • Boating Logbook
  • Yoga Lessons
  • Scuba Logbook
  • Guitar Tabs (and other music books)
  • Blog Planning
  • Astronomy Logbook
  • Beauty Planner
  • Fashion Sketchbook
  • Fishing Logbook
  • Gardening Logbook
  • Hiking Logbook
  • Bird Watching Logbook
  • For Authors: Character Development, Plotting, etc.
  • Daily Routine Logbook
  • Comic Sketchbook
  • Hiking Logbook
  • Bowling Score Sheets
  • Dance Practice Journal
  • Exercise Tracker
  • Podcast Planner
  • Photography Logbook
  • Project Planners
  • Recipe Cards
  • Travel Planner


We also include low content packages for many other evergreen niches that are not only growing in size but are personally very important to a large majority.


These are used every day which means that once they finish using one journal or planner, they'll come back to you for a new one!

Some of these niches include:

  • Autism: Progress & Discovery
  • Study Planner
  • Vehicle Information Logbook
  • Vital Signs Logbook
  • Prayer & Sermon Journal
  • Medical Logbook
  • Finance Tracker & Management

*Evergreen niches explained: This simply means that the demand continues throughout the year and are not based on just one season or time of year.


With your purchase of the premium KDP Monster collection, you'll also receive a free upgrade that includes the "PRINTABLE MONSTER" (valued at $77), a colorized version of every single interior, broken down into individual packages you can sell on Etsy (or anywhere else you wish!).

By selling our interiors on multiple platforms you'll be able to make even more money!

Note: At this time, the Printable Monster collection is only available as a bonus for those who purchase the KDP Monster collection.

So, let's quickly recap everything you'll get:


  • 36 Premium Amazon KDP Interior Packages
  • Printable Monster Upgrade (value: $77, yours FREE!)
  • Source Files (PowerPoint, PDF)
  • Ready-to-Upload!
  • Commercial-Use Reseller License


There is no limit to the possibilities with this premium package, complete with commercial-use licensing!


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