Sip Press Learn Training Class

Looking to get started but don't know how? Tired of looking at online videos? Learn the skills necessary to tackle all the challenges and areas of production. We combine the latest products and equipment in the field of heat transfers! Our Classes are Hands-on, "one on one" so you learn by doing!

You Got This!! Sip. Press. Learn. Training Class
Starting a t-shirt business as your side gig is a creative way to not only build new skills but a way to make extra income and possibly even give you the freedom and flexibility to make it your full-time work. Learn 'All about Sublimation' and how easy it is to use Direct to Film (DTF) Transfers, Printed Vinyl and Cut Vinyl Transfers.

Areas we will cover in the class:
  • What's the difference between sublimation, dtf, printed vinyl and cut vinyl?
  • What are my Printer options?
  • What can I sublimate on?
  • What software, supplies and equipment are best for Dye Sublimation?
  • How to incorporate your vinyl cutter & HTV with the sublimation process?
  • How to Print sublimation

Hands on portion will include:

  • Sublimating on Polyester fabrics
  • Using DTF Transfers to decorate tshirts
  • Using Printed Vinyl to decorate tshirts
  • Using Cut Vinyl to decorate tshirts

You will receive our Starter TShirt-Biz-in-a-Box containing:

  • 5 polyester tshirts
  • 7 cotton shirts
  • 3 DTF Transfers
  • 2 Cut Vinyl Transfers
  • 2 Printer Vinyl Transfers
  • 5 Sublimation Transfers

Social distancing and masks will be mandatory.